voices of the streets.org
Who We Are:
Andrew Turpening, Artistic Director of Voices of the Streets, is a Minneapolis-based musician, composer, producer, and activist.  He is a graduate of the University of Chicago where he majored in Sociology with a focus in Spanish.
Andrew developed Voices of the Streets as a way to integrate his love for music with his passion for social service and activism.  He hopes to tackle issues such as the privatization of the prison industry and the experience of the undocumented in future “Voices of the Streets” projects.
Andrew is developing a website for other creative projects, www.andres.tv, which he hopes to launch by the end of 2007.
Kim Walsh, Community Organizer of Voices of the Streets, lives in Minneapolis and works in social justice and human rights issues.
Kim is a promoter of community gardens, an avid bike commuter with an interest in alternative energy systems, and a frequent listener to political podcasts.
Kim assisted Andrew in organizing a debut event for Voices of the Streets and will continue to support the independent expression of those not represented by mainstream media.